“Langlois Vine Stripper Shredder” LVSS

Shredder Attachment

The “next logical step”.

We now have a Shredder/Chipper.

The Shredder/Chipper was proven over two years here in Marlborough , having been used in the 2009 and 2010 pruning seasons.

The introduction of the Shredder/Chipper has realised more savings for the grower by taking out another pass with Tractor and Mulcher in the Vineyard.

The design of the Shredder/Chipper is very robust utilising high quality componentry and ensuring that the waste material is placed into the middle of the adjacent row (or can be removed from the vineyard by using a gondola).

The powerful piston motor which drives the 36 reversible flail type rotor requires an auxiliary HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT.

The Process

The Process

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Cost Calculator

Cost Calculator

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