The Langlois Vine Stripper

Takes the muscle out of pruning

The Langlois Vine stripper covers up to one hectare
per 1½ hours AT less than NZ$0.08 cents per vine.

Banner VideoMuch of the world’s highest quality grape production occurs in the cool climate viticulture regions of the world. One of the downsides to cool
climate production is that many of the labour saving technologies available to warmer climate grape growers are not suitable in cooler regions.

The Langlois Vine Stripper was developed to
"take the muscle out of cane pruning" by
eliminating the need for people to perform
this tedious operation.

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Our Products

Single Row Vine Stripper

With the Langlois Vine Stripper, the job of vine stripping becomes merely tidy up work... More»»

Double Row Vine Stripper

While the Single row vine stripper is the most popular, we also produce a Double Row Vine Stripper.... More»»

Vine Shredder Attachment

We now have a Shredder/Chipper. The Shredder/Chipper was proven over two years here in Marlborough , having been used in the 2009 and 2010 pruning seasons.
... More»»

Spur/Cordon Cutter

The Spur/Cordon Cutter was developed over the 2009 and 2010 pruning season in Marlborough to further enhance the capabilities of the Langlois VineStripper.

... More»»

Hydraulic Power Unit

The PTO driven power unit provides hydraulic flow and pressure to power both the Langlois VineStripper and the VineShredder/Chipper.
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