Langlois Single Row Vine Stripper

With the Langlois Vine Stripper, the job of vine stripping becomes merely tidy up work. By stripping out through the top of the rows, only short canes and cordons (either very young vines or stunted growth) are left behind. The bulk of the discarded canes are removed by the mechanized Vine Stripper eliminating the “grunt work”.

Correct prune cuts are very important for optimised stripping effectiveness and ensures the best cane selection for fruiting wood in the coming season.

We believe that, by using the Cane Stripper, you will save costs, time and manpower (please see our cost saving calculations) allowing you to focus your skill, time and energy on the all important pruning cuts.

All too often a spare cane or two is left behind which allows for breakages in stripping and laying down (wrapping) of fruiting canes.

With our Vine (cane) Stripper we know that well cut vines do not require “spares”. With more skilled pruners and skilled wrappers, extra canes should not be required.

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The Process

The Process

The first process in cane pruning is really no different than normal. Trained and skilled workers select the canes amongst the canopy... More»»

Cost Calculator

Cost Calculator

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