Cost Calculator

All sorts of costs and expenditure need to be taken into account when working out a particular cost of a job. Our focus is on stripping out the vine by mechanical means.

Running Costs of Tractor

  • Operator
  • Diesel
  • Depreciation and overhead recovery
  • Maintenance
  • Downtime

Running Costs of Langlois Vine Stripper

  • Tyre changes
  • Depreciation and overhead recovery
  • Maintenance

*The above only touches on a few of the true costs of running machinery in any type of business.

We all have our own way of taking these into account so we have kept our calculations to two basic ingredients.

Our Calculations

Tractor and LVS costs for 1.5 hours (one hectare) - NZ$172.50
Vines per Hectare - 2246

Cost per Vine - NZ$0.08 cents

Our cost is also based on 3kph, 1.8m plant spacing and 2.5m rows.

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