1. Langlois Vine Stripper
  2. Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic Power Unit

The PTO driven power unit provides hydraulic flow and pressure to power both the Langlois VineStripper and the VineShredder/Chipper.

We utilize a dual output step-up gearbox running two piston pumps, both pumps delivering 85L/Min (23 gal/Min) each at 540 RPM.

They have built in pressure relief valves and pressure test points, the pump which is feeding the Shredder/Chipper has a run-down check valve in the system to ensure longevity of the piston motor on the Shredder/Chipper.

We have also integrated dual electric fan oil coolers which maintain oil temperature below 50deg which ensures that the lubrication properties of the hydraulic oil remain for longer, thereby increasing the life to the hydraulic componentry.

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The Process

The Process

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Cost Calculator

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